France Mission Update #10

July 27, 2016


Hello everyone,


This will be short and sweet, as I am finishing cleaning up my studio apartment and getting my last items packed to leave Saint-Raphael and go to northern France.  It has been a difficult week, as it has been hard to say good-bye to all the people here in Saint-Raphael that I met this summer and last summer.  I have grown very close to the  people that I spent a good deal of time with both last summer and this summer.  It will be the most difficult saying goodbye to my French parents tomorrow morning.


I really feel like this has been a very successful month and a half in Saint-Raphael.  I am excited about what God has been doing and what He will continue to do.  I will talk more about that later, as I have more cleaning and packing to do 😊


I am planning on heading up north tomorrow morning about 10:00 and should be on the road throughout the entire day and into the early evening.  There are no strikes that I know of.  If you remember from last year, I got caught in the middle of the farmers strike.  They blocked all of the entrances to the highways, so it took me 16 hours to get to Paris last year.  I am praying for a 10-hour trip to northern France tomorrow, where I will be in transition until my arrival in Paris on Saturday.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.  God bless you all.




P.S. I wanted to send out a thank-you to the members of Rose of Sharon Baptist Church who are sending me messages via our secretary, Bill.  I have gotten them and appreciate every single one of them.  Bill, thanks for taking the time to send them to me.

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