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Whenever the month of May comes around, the famous quote by Thomas Tusser comes to mind, “Sweet April showers do spring May flowers!” Is not that simple statement so true? As we look around at God’s creation, it seems as if May reveals our Creator’s skill most greatly. April brought the rain, but May brings the beautiful flowers! Another thing that May brings is the beginning of change and opportunity. Thus, whatever changes or opportunities you have this month, may you find May encouraging and challenging to your spiritual walk with the Lord.

With that being said, I would like to discuss a few things happening in the Children’s Ministry during the month of May and the near future. First, on May 25, we will be heading to Pelican’s Snoballs (On North Roxboro Street) from 6:30 PM-7:30 PM. This year, we are extending an invitation to the ROS Preschool to join us. As an incentive, we are providing free Pelican’s to any Preschool family (including staff and their families) that comes to the event. If you are interested in serving at or financially donating to this event, please see me ASAP.

Finally, the main thing I want to talk about is Vacation Bible School. That’s right, it’s that time of year, and we are pumped! This year’s theme is Cave Quest, and we are focusing on Jesus who is our light that we must follow. This year’s theme is going to give us a great opportunity to share the wonderful news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all the children who attend; however, this cannot happen without your help! Yes, we need you to volunteer. If you have seen a bulletin in the past few weeks, I am sure that you have noticed a VBS insert with volunteer areas. In case you missed it, let me go over each volunteer position we need as well as a short description of each one:

  • Pod Leader—This position involves leading each pod group (6-8 children) to do the different sites throughout each night. We ask that you commit to every night of VBS.

  • Snack Assistant—this position involves assisting the snack leader in preparing the different snacks for the children and leaders throughout each night at VBS.

  • Greeter—This position involves welcoming, meeting, and helping people as they enter and exit each night. Your area of service will be the entrance of the worship center.

  • Security/Parking—this position involves guiding cars to park, welcoming people as they come to the church, and checking on the safety of the campus throughout each night.

  • Media/Photography—this position involves moving from each site capturing various photographs of VBS. You may also be asked to help with media throughout the week.

  • Games—this position involves helping the youth ministry organize, plan and lead different games for the pod groups throughout the week.

  • Imagination Station—This position involves assisting Roddy and Sherri Hayes each night at the Imagination Station site

  • KidVid Cinema—This position involves leading or assisting a leader in small discussions at the KidVid Cinema site. Each night, children will watch a short video, and the leader and assistants will lead the children in a discussion based upon the video (Discussion questions are provided. Thus, preparation is minimal).

  • Decorations—this position requires a commitment to help in decorating the set, hallways and sites for VBS. If you have a skill in decoration, we need you! We ask that you be available at least the weekend before VBS starts (June 11-12).

  • Registration—This position involves helping at the registration table before VBS starts each night. This volunteer position requires organization, communication skills, and an outgoing personality.

If you have a desire to serve at this year’s VBS, please fill out a “VBS Volunteer Information” sheet located in your bulletin, at the Connection Center, or in my office. Upon completion, please return this sheet to the church office or myself. Please take the time to prayerfully consider this opportunity of service as we strive to reach the children in our area with the gospel of Christ. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime. As always, thank you for taking a moment to read this month’s article. It is privilege to serve you and your family at ROSBC!

For His Glory Alone,

Nick Decker

Children’s Minister

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