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July is finally here and that means summer is in full swing. For many of you, it’s finally time to relax. For others, it just means things move faster. I tend to find myself relaxing more than running during the months of June-August. Being a student for 20 some years of my life, the joy of summer never EVER gets old. I always look forward to the warm nights, barbecues with my family and friends and my all time favorite, HOMEMADE ICE CREAM (Just in case you were wondering, my favorite flavors are vanilla and strawberry :)

Wherever you find yourself this summer season, please clear some of your schedule to relax as well as spend time with your family, friends and the Father in heaven who has given us this wonderful life.

For this month’s newsletter, I want to spend the majority of the time in thanks to you and the Lord for the wonderful week we had at Vacation Bible School year during the month of June. I will then end the article by talking about a few upcoming events in the month of July. As for Vacation Bible School, we could not have done the things we did without many of you who helped in major ways. The VBS Committee starts planning for this event in January, and there is no way it could get done without their help. Secondly, to the volunteers who show up to help throughout the week of VBS, thank you for your commitment and dedication to the children and to the Lord. We plan and prepare, but we could not actually complete the week of VBS without the volunteers who give of their time to see this event succeed. Lastly, I wanted to say personal thank you to Gina Wilkerson, Pat Poole, Laura Wilkerson, Roddy and Sherri Hayes, Jeremiah Custar, Jonathan and Christina Hendrickson and Jeff McCarthy. These nine people gave up many of their weekends and weeknights to help make Vacation Bible School awesome this year! So, thank you to everyone who prayed, volunteered and donated for Vacation Bible School. Make God bless you for your effort and dedication.

The final thing I would like to do is thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to do VBS as well as moving among the children who came. I am so thankful that I serve at a church where Vacation Bible School can take place. God has truly been good to us at Rose of Sharon for giving us a place as well as the resources to make this event happen. Furthermore, to be used by him to reach children with the gospel is the greatest opportunity. We saw one child come to know Christ during the week of VBS. We also saw many seeds planted in several of the children who attended. We are continuing to pray for the ones who heard as the Lord works in their lives to come to know to him. I am also asking that you do the same.

I would like to mention final note about two upcoming events for the Children’s Ministry at Rose of Sharon Baptist Church. We are calling the first event coming up on July 16 Matinee Mania. We have decided to stay at the church for this event and from 2-5 PM, the children’s ministry will be watching a children’s movie, eating popcorn and candy and enjoy a wide variety of soda! To top this all off, this event is completely free. The only thing we are asking is that you as parents enjoy the afternoon. If you would like to help with this event, please let me know.

The last event is called Down N’ Dirty night. This is a repeat event from last year, and the children loved it! This event entails a lot, but the most important thing to know is that your children may come home smelling a little funky! But don’t worry, no children will be harmed, and they will be washed down with water before they leave the church property. Therefore, it is important your children wear clothes that can get dirty as well as older tennis shoes. If you have any questions, please let me know. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article. I pray that you and your family have a blessed month of July. It is a honor and privilege to serve at Rose of Sharon Baptist Church.

For His Glory Alone,

Nick Decker

Children’s Minister

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