France Mission Update #6

Dear family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ,

Happy Lord’s Day to you all! I hope you are having a good day. Tonight is the final match of the Euro Cup between France and Portugal and everyone here is looking forward to it. France hosted the World Cup soccer tournament in 1998 and ended up winning the championship that year. Everyone here, including me, is hoping for that to happen once again, as France is hosting the Euro Cup and has once again made it to the final game. The last time France made it to the final was for the World Cup tournament in 2006, when it played Italy. I definitely remember them losing that year, as I had to make my Dad a French dessert, as France had lost. I made him a rich chocolate cake. As baking is not a strength that God has blessed me with, I am very thankful one of the most important men in my life is still alive to read my emails 😊

This past week I was able to spend time with a family that I spent a good deal of time with last year. The family consists of a grandfather, grandmother, daughter, two granddaughters, and a close family male friend. It has been a pleasure to get to know this family over the past year, and they were very excited to have me back in the area for several weeks this summer. I spent time spiritually mentoring the younger granddaughter last summer and I am excited to let you know that she has accepted Christ and has been baptized. Wednesday I had a very good spiritual discussion with the older daughter. She is very intelligent but needs Jesus. She has a good idea about who Jesus is but doesn’t understand how a personal relationship with Him can change her life. She doesn’t see the power and importance of the cross. The grandmother, the mother, and the friend of the family don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, either. I have had several spiritual discussions with the grandmother and was able to have another one this past week. The grandmother believes in Jesus as the Messiah but hasn’t accept Christ as her personal Savior and Lord. Please pray for salvation for this family. Please pray that God will use me in whatever capacity He chooses. The grandfather, who is saved, just had an operation on his heart on Friday morning. I am happy to report that he is doing very well. He is still very tired but is out of the hospital and is slowly getting around. I am looking forward to seeing this family again this week.

My French parents, Gaston and Mauricette, have continued to be a blessing to me. We have continued to have spiritual discussions and I believe they have been a blessing for them. They are trying to win both their children and their grandchildren to Jesus. They raised their children to believe in Christ and as they got older, each of the three rejected the faith and then never taught their children to believe; therefore, all three children and all seven of their grandchildren are not only not saved, they are all atheists. As you can imagine, this breaks their hearts. Unfortunately, their story is not unique. There are families all across France that are similar. A good percentage of people in the older generations at least believe that God exists. Most people in the younger generations believe He doesn’t.

I continue to go to choir and have good discussions with people there. The ladies that I saw outside of choir last week were very good about approaching me before choir started last Wednesday evening. I am hoping to get together with these ladies sometime this week. I will find out for sure tomorrow evening at choir practice. I have had a small spiritual discussion with one of the ladies, finding out that she believes in God and Jesus. We didn’t have a chance to go deeper, so hopefully that will change this week.

Thursday morning I went on a tour led by my atheist friend who works at the local tourist office. If you got my emails last year, this is how we actually met one another last year. She is an excellent tour guide and we have so much in common. It was good to see her again and talk with her further. This week I am going to get the opportunity to meet her little boy. I am really looking forward to it, as I love children. My friend has sent me lots of pictures of him this past year, and he is adorable.

Counseling is going well and I am enjoying it. I am keeping busy. I am looking forward to this week and am excited about what God is already doing. Thursday is France’s national holiday, so it will be a pleasure to be here for it. May God bless all of you and have a wonderful day.


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