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I cannot believe it is already August! I am sure you have heard that phrase at one point or another. To me, it always seem as if the summer months move by faster than other time during the year. Maybe that is because we are having the most fun. Either way, we cannot avoid the fact that summer is coming to a close oh so quickly. With that being said, I am sure the subject of school has already come to mind for many of you who are parents and grandparents. If it has not for you, it sure has for me! As a kid, I considered the month of August to be the last few days of freedom from homework and early mornings! To be honest, it was a sad time L. Now, whether your children enjoy going back to school or not, we must also face the reality, along with summer coming to a close, that school is starting back—like or not! That reality (for me, a sad one J) got me thinking and asking questions. I First realized that early school mornings for many of you are hectic and sometimes a blur. So with that in mind, I began to think about ways I could help and encourage parents and grandparents with the school mornings where time and distractions seems to get the best of all of us. So without further ado, I want to share three tips that you can do with your children or grandchildren during the early mornings this upcoming school year.

First of all, take a couple of minutes to pray and read Scripture with your children and grandchildren. I have asked several parents what they would have done differently if they could have children in school again. Many of them said they would pray more and read Scripture more in the mornings with the family. It is never a bad thing to do these things and to do it on a consistence basis. Furthermore, I cannot think of a better time to do it. It’s get your day and your children’s day started on a better note. It also creates a desire in your children’s heart to initiate and practice a quiet time with the Lord in their own life. As I think back over my childhood, I realized that my parents did these things with my siblings and me. Almost every morning, my mother would pray with us before dropping us off at school. She would pray that we would do well on our tests, honor the Lord with our lives, and not get in trouble (Which was quite difficult for my younger brother and me)! Every school morning this year, If you haven’t already, take a few minutes and cultivate a time of prayer and Scripture reading.

Second, prepare or purchase breakfast for your children at least once a week during the school year. I have realized that everyone (including children) talk more and are happier when food is involved. Now, in our busy society, this is something that is rare, but I want to challenge you to do this every week. During those mornings, take the 10-15 minutes you have around the table or in the car and talk about the Lord, life, and laugh at least one funny moment from a previous day.

Lastly, cherish the moments you have with your children and grandchildren on those early school mornings. As the book of James says, “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time an then vanishes.” Those early school mornings will pass before you know it, so don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate those times! How do you cherish those moments? Well, there are many ways, but for starters take the time to hug your children, say “I love you” to them, write them notes in their lunch boxes, and spend some time reflecting. If you do these things, you will better remember and enjoy the memories you had during those early and hectic school mornings.

I am sure that many of you already have a routine that you do with your children every school morning, and I am sure that many of them already include the tips mentioned. If your mornings do, I would encourage you to continue practicing these tips with your children and grandchildren. If they do not, let me challenge you to practice these things during those early school mornings that are coming so quickly this year. I promise that you will not regret it. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article. It is a privilege to serve you and your family. I pray the Lord blesses you and your family this month.

For His Glory Alone,

Nick Decker

Children’s Minister

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