France Mission Update #12

Hello everyone,

It is a wonderful privilege to be here in the City of Lights, my favorite city in the world. Every city has its pros and cons, to be sure, but I have had a love for this particular city since I visited it for the first time with my high school French teacher at the age of seventeen. That trip was a real turning point in my life and I knew I would never be the same again. I knew that God had given me a special love for this city and for this country.

Now after many trips to the same city and country, I still have the same love for this city and this country as I had before and the same burden to share Christ with others. I have enjoyed sharing what Jesus has done in my life and each day I pray that it makes a difference in someone else’s life.

Monday I enjoyed having lunch with a friend that I have known for three years. My closest friend in Paris is in charge of an online group where people in the 13thdistrict of Paris get together on evenings and/or weekends. Anyone is invited and there are always new people who show up. Being part of this group has been very helpful to me, as I have been able to meet a good amount of people at their group activities. This is where I met my friend that I had lunch with on Monday. It was a very productive time and he was very open to spiritual things. He said that he had read various parts of the Bible and believes in God. From what I could gather, he doesn’t have a personal walk with Jesus Christ and I am interested in exploring that further with him. He is going to leave tomorrow to visit some family in Nice and then will be back in Paris before I leave, so we will be able to get together one more time. He has gone through a lot in his life and I believe that knowing Jesus will make a great difference for him. I pray that he will come to know Jesus.

Tuesday afternoon I went to the theater to see a play with a friend that I met last year in Paris. The play was supposed to be for children, but we both agreed later that it was definitely not for children, as it was way too complicated. The play was about a child who asks a lot of questions, as children do, but this child was interested in how she came to be and how the whole universe was formed. Answers given to her by other people were theories, such as evolution and the great big bang. They even went back to Greek mythology and gave the idea that the god Zeus created us all. Not one time, however, was Intelligent Design mentioned, which is very normal over here, but disturbing to me, nonetheless. The topic of the play made spiritual discussions afterwards so easy that I am thankful we attended that play. This particular friend has gone through a lot in her life, as she is a survivor of domestic violence. She needs healing from the abuse, as it is affecting all her other relationships. I meet most domestic violence victims and survivors through counseling, but it is amazing how many people I have met outside of counseling that are victims/survivors, and she is one of them. She is very open to spiritual things, even so much as attending an evangelical church, so I am praying that she will become a Christian. We will be spending a good amount of time together while I am here in Paris, so I am looking forward to seeing what God will do.

I mentioned several weeks ago that one of my closest friends in Paris just recently had her third miscarriage. She is studying in England right now and will return on Sunday evening. I am looking forward to seeing her. Tuesday evening I spent time with her other half, and we had a nice time together. We both agreed that studying in England has been good for her this summer, as she has gone to a different country and her mind has been on other things. We are both hoping that she will still be okay when she returns to France. I asked how he was coping with the whole situation, and he said that he was fine, but I know that the miscarriages have affected him, especially since everyone around them has been having children. His older sister just recently had a child in July and my friend from Versailles that just had a baby is my closest friend in Paris’s best friend. We were able to talk about spiritual things somewhat, but I hope that I can speak with him further the next time I see him.

Yesterday I didn’t get out of the studio, as I started feeling very poorly on Tuesday evening. I ended up with a stomach virus and was pretty miserable for about 36 hours or so. I am thankful that I am doing better today and hope that I will feel well enough to go out this evening with a friend.

I have exactly two weeks left here in France, as I will be leaving here August 18th. Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for me. Pray for divine appointments and openings for spiritual discussions. I hope and pray that all of you are doing well.


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