Final Counseling Update

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to reach out to you one more time concerning everything going on regarding my counseling this summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed counseling in both Saint-Raphael and in Paris this year. Most women I worked with were domestic violence victims, some were domestic violence abuse survivors, some were sexual assault victims and others rape victims. I also worked with families who had a loved one going through domestic violence or sexual assault, which was something new for me in France this year. Finally, my counseling took on many new forms, as I ended up counseling men, women, and children on family problems, divorce, separation, terrorism, and children’s health. I felt needed and respected in my field of expertise, which made me even happier to help others.

Here in Paris I spent some extra time with a woman that I counseled who needed some extra TLC. I met her last year here in Paris and saw little to no improvement from when I worked with her last year. She is a victim of domestic violence from childhood in her early forties that cannot seem to trust any man due to her past abuse from her father; thus, she has never really had a steady boyfriend. This is very common problem with women who have past abuse issues. She knows in her head that all men are not like her father, but she cannot seem to get that message to her heart. This is very difficult for an abuse survivor and can take years to overcome. In the past three weeks, I have seen some improvement and will keep in touch with her while in the United States.

I am still working on amending the domestic violence protective order from four months to a year. I have gotten a good amount of support from both men and women here in France. Guillaume, the candidate in Saint-Raphael, is still considering the option of having this amendment as part of his platform in running for the National Assembly next June, but this is a long-term project.

Thank you all for your support and prayers for my counseling work here in France. It has been very rewarding. I will be returning to the US tomorrow.


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