*For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield. – Psa

Labor Day weekend marks our second annual ROSBC Family Retreat. By the time this blog reaches you I will already be in the mountains of Boone, NC, enjoying the natural beauty of that area while exploring God’s Word with 40 other people seeking to build stronger familial bonds.

God used, and still uses, families to build His church. The Christian Church is more than just a social gathering. It’s more than a religious get-together. At its heart the church is a family. Paul, along with other New Testament apostles, frequently referred to the saints as brothers and sisters in Christ. God is our Father and we as His people are His children or family.

The picture the Bible paints for us throughout, but especially in the New Testament, is that family is important to God. It is through the function of family that God often chooses to further His purposes. God looks for those families who are devoted to Him and His will and then He provides those families the opportunity to serve Him in impactful ways. Nowhere, perhaps, is this seen more than in Jesus’ own family.

When Joseph first learns of Mary’s special role in delivering the Messiah, the Bible records his reaction. A quick analysis of the report it provides shows us that Joseph was “a righteous man” (Matt 1:19) who was kind, honorable, courageous, and who had a reverence for his Lord. His betrothed was no different. The angel who speaks to Mary calls her “favored” and proclaims “the Lord is with you” (Luke 1:28). Mary for her part displayed great humility, as well as bravery, in her quick but willing response to the news. Individually, both Mary and Joseph lived model lives in their service to God. They were both in a spiritual state which was conducive to hearing God’s voice and heeding His directions, no matter the risk. Together, they comprised the ideal family to parent the Son of God.

Joseph and Mary are just one example of an important principle. When God works through families to accomplish His purposes, He often looks for those families who are already seeking to be used by Him. The faithfulness of the family that is willing to be used by God, is rewarded with unique opportunities and spiritual blessings. As spouses, parents, and members of the family here at ROSBC, we need to remember that if we desire to be used by God, we must follow Him wholeheartedly and lead our families to do the same.

In what ways are you and your family already involved in serving God? And how do people describe your family? Do they see your family as one that is characterized by faith and obedience? What new opportunities might God be prepared to grant your family if you demonstrate that faith and obedience?

*This devotion is derived in part from “The Family God Uses” by Tom and Kim Blackaby, Nashville: Lifeway Publishers, 2009.


  • Myself and David Driggers from Gorman Baptist Church are directing an association-wide choir for the Yates Baptist Annual Meeting to be held October 25th at Gorman Baptist Church. This choir will be responsible for performing 2 selections during the evening portion of the annual meeting: The Brooklyn Tab favorite, “Thou, O Lord” and Tommy Walker’s “We Will Remember”. If you or someone you know is interested in joining this choir, please notify Teresa Dotson at the Yates Bapt. Association office as soon as possible. All are welcome but space is limited. Participants need to be available for the October 25th date as well as 2 rehearsal dates (Mon. Sept 19th at 7 & Mon. Oct 17th at 7). Childcare will be provided at all rehearsals as well as the annual meeting.

  • September 14th will mark the return of our Wednesday evening Kid’s Praise time. We will meet upstairs in the Element Kid’s room at 6:15. Any child between the ages of 3-12 are welcome.

  • Our ROSBC vocal group is actively working on some new pieces of music, and we can use your voices. If you are interested in joining our group, rehearsals are Wed. evening from 7:30-8:30. All are welcome!

Thank you to everyone who helps to make worship meaningful here at ROSBC. It is a privilege to serve with you!

In His Service,

Jonathan Hendrickson

Assoc./Worship Pastor

#September #2016

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