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It is December and that means 2016 is coming to a close. I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe it, which goes to prove that “Time flies when you are having fun!” It is also the Christmas season and I know many of you feel like it takes forever for December 25 come around. Whether you are excited about seeing family and friends or simply need a break, this day cannot get here fast enough. I can also imagine that many of your children and grandchildren are counting down the days until Christmas Break. Now, whether you as a parent or grandparent want this “break” to come quickly is another story J. While many of us think that the Christmas season takes forever to get here, some of us wonder how Christmas goes by so fast. From parties to presents, the holiday season does not seem to slow down fast enough to enjoy (Personally, I sympathize with this group)!

As I reflected on these two groups of people, it occurred to me that Christmas could produce selfishness in us. In other words, the Holiday season can cause us to only focusing on ourselves along with the things WE need to do or the people WE need to see. This results in little time for us to focus on others. Therefore, I want to take this article and challenge you parents and grandparents to not only be servants this Christmas, but also teach your children and grandchildren to have same attitude during the holiday season.

There are several reasons behind why I want to challenge you to be a servant. Number one, I believe the greatest joy you and your children/grandchildren can receive this season will be found in serving others. You see, Christmas presents, Christmas parties and family members bring a lot joy at Christmas, but I think the greatest joy is found in putting others first. Don’t miss out on the joy you could receive when you serve others this Christmas.

Secondly, I believe servant hood resembles our Savior’s attitude, which is why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Has that ever crossed you mind? Christ, according to Philippians 2, took the form of a servant, came to this earth, died on a cross, took our punishment, was buried and rose again so that you and I could be forgiven. Christ’s life and death are the greatest pictures of servant hood, and we have a wonderful opportunity this Christmas to follow in his footsteps by serving others.

The last reason I want to challenge you to be servant this Christmas is because I believe that it will result in thankfulness to the Lord. In fact, Scripture makes this plain to us. II Corinthians 9:12 conveys that servant hood results in needs met as well as thanksgivings offered to the Lord. This shows us that the more we serve in the right attitude, the more thankful we become. Let’s not miss the opportunity to serve others and offer thankfulness to our Savior.

Now that I have given you a few reasons for being a servant this Christmas, I want to share five practical ways you and your children/grandchildren can live out an attitude of service this season:

  1. Purchase Christmas presents for a needy family who is unable to do so this holiday season due to financial reasons (If you would like to do this, please let me know).

  2. Serve as a family at a Christmas Open House this December (For more information, see Jonathan Hendrickson).

  3. Prepare a Christmas Eve meal and invite a family and/or individual over that will be alone that evening.

  4. Serve a meal or volunteer at a place where people are discouraged, hopeless or needy this Christmas (Ronald McDonald House, Homeless Shelter, etc.)

  5. Send Christmas cards or spend some time visiting the shut-ins who are apart of Rose of Sharon Baptist Church (For more information on this, see Jeff McCarthy).

These are just five of the many ways you and your family can serve this Christmas. Ultimately, the main thing is to remember to be a servant this holiday season as well as train your children and grandchildren to do the same thing. Overall, I believe God will be glorified as well as honor you for your sacrifice. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article. It is a privilege to serve you as the children’s pastor, and I pray God blesses you and your family this Christmas season!

For His Glory Alone,

Nick Decker

Children’s Pastor | I Corinthians 15:10

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