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If you had to guess one theme that pervades the entire month of February, what do you think it would be? For some of you, Groundhog Day may come to mind. Many of us will watch on February 2 as we look to a groundhog to determine our weather forecast for the next few weeks. This tradition is something I will never understand! Others may consider the fact that this month is the shortest in the year. Still others may consider the one theme that I truly believe permeates all of February. That one theme is love. Someone once defined this month by the following statement, “February: a month when you are overthinking with love...” I believe that quotation defines are society well when it comes to this time of the year. We are constantly thinking about love as well as bombarded with things that promote the thought of love during this month; however, I wonder how many of us actually attempt to show more love during this month. We may talk about this idea of love, but do we actually love more during this part of the year? More importantly (and because I am a children’s pastor) are we the kind of people who show more love to the children around us during February? It’s very important that children understand and know that we love them. Therefore, I want to take this article and give you four ways that you can better love children this February and really for the rest of their lives.

The first way that you can do this is by showing children love. How can you show a child love? I have found that one of the best ways to show a child that you care about them and love them is by investing time in them. Whether you speak to them in the hallways at church or just simply give them a high five as they are walking by you, showing them interest goes a long way in the life of a child.

The second way you can show children love really involves two things: Your gestures and the attention you show them. In regards to gestures, always take the time to greet children with a smile. This will help them see that you are happy to see them, and they will know that you genuinely love them as a person. Secondly, take the time to give them your full attention. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore or pay little attention to a child when they are asking you a question or simply wanting to talk. Therefore, it’s important that we we get on the level (If we are capable of physically bending down), putting away what we are doing, and giving our attention to them. This will help children know they are loved. Furthermore, it models the life of Jesus. Jesus took the time to give his attention to children throughout his earthly ministry, and so should we!

The third way that you can better love the children around you is by showing them the love of Jesus. In fact, this should be something that is done in a regular basis. Whether you are a Sunday school teacher, volunteer in the children’s ministry, or a person that is involved in the lives of children, take time to show children the love of Jesus. This is also something that can be done through both word and action. Whether you think it is true or not, children are always watching those who are older them. Therefore, it is important that you mimic the love of Jesus in everything you say and do. This will result in children learning how much Jesus loves them as well as how they can love Jesus better each day.

The fourth and final way that you can show children love is by telling them. This final point is really for those in your family (Not because telling someone you love them is wrong, but for safety and appropriateness in regards to children in this day and age). This should be something done in a daily basis in the family, but if I were to ask you if it was a daily thing, what would you say? I hope it’s something you say every day to your children and grandchildren. If not, I hope that you will be challenged to do so. This is something that will work wonders in the life of your children and grandchildren. Therefore, take the time every day to let your children know you love them.

As I said earlier, it is very important that children know they are loved, and some of the ways you can do that are mentioned above in the previous paragraphs. Ultimately though, I want you to know that we show children love so that they can see and come to know the person who loves them the most, namely Jesus Christ. I pray that all of us will commit to better love the children around us this month and really for the rest our lives. As always, thank you for the taking time to read this article. May the Lord bless your and family in February.

For His Glory Alone,

Nick Decker

Children’s Minister | I Corinthians 15:10

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