Pray for our Preschool children

Wow, already September. What a busy summer we have had. We have see sun, rain and thunderstorms galore. Now we are moving into fall. This is such a beautiful time of year. I will definitely have to plan a trip to the mountains to see the leaves change color. If you have never seen the way certain colors of leaves can make a mountain look like it’s glowing when the sun shines especially on the bright yellow leaves. I have to say it’s just breath taking.

There have been so many new children enrolling I’m having difficulty keeping track of all the new faces. The odd thing is we have enrolled several sets of twins which is new and different for us. We are excited to see each of them settle in as we start gearing up for the curriculum part of our year. Continue to send up prayers for our children, staff and their families. You never know when something might come along and shake up your whole world.

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