Fall Treats

I am so excited about this time of year. We have planned several events at the end of the month to welcome the fall season. We have a party full of treats for snack. The students and staff get to dress up and then go trick or treating. We enjoy trick or treating because we get to see the church staff out of their normal routine. Our students don’t normally get to see them being silly, especially the ones that take the time to dress up. It is a rare treat. If we can avoid more rain the students get to spend time outside, which after all the treats they truly need. They enjoy their time on the playground being able to run, play, dig, swing and climb. Getting fresh air in their lungs and running off sugar bugs, is an invaluable task.

Our new students are getting into the swing of things, they are finally getting used to coming to school each day. Don’t get me wrong we still have days when upset children arrive, but we get through it together reassuring the little ones that mommy and daddy love them very much and they will be back soon. How lucky they are to have someone to care so much for them. Just like we know we have a Heavenly Father who loves us very much and will be back soon to get us. We are a lucky bunch too.

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