What a Joy to Hear Little Voices

Wow, already writing my article for November. It seems like yesterday it was just January. The years seem to go by quicker these days, which makes me appreciate each day we are given. The students really enjoyed being able to wear their costumes to school and going around to the church offices to collect candy. I appreciate all those who pitched in to hand out candy this year. I think the children like seeing the church staff and preschool team out of their every day routine, especially if it means they get candy out of the deal.

We have already started practicing for our Christmas Program, so now Christmas carols echo in the halls. What a joy to hear little voices trying to sing along to the beat. The children work diligently for several months and by December they will be singing their hearts out on stage. Our Christmas concert is a sight to see. They try so hard and give it their all. Sometimes I just sit back and smile at the little faces looking out to the crowd trying desperately to find their loved ones. I can’t help but giggle at the ones that refuse to stop waving until someone has waved back. We have some who sing their loudest and some just look like they are lip-syncing, but it is all gold for those parents, family and friends who take the time to come out for the evening. If you haven’t had the pleasure this year, save it in your calendar and make the time to encourage these young children. You will not be disappointed. Just be aware, the Christmas program tends to be standing room only.

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