Anticipating Christmas

We are in full swing as we prepare for our Christmas program this year. We will have a full stage and even fuller congregation. I am so proud of the effort that each teacher and student puts forth to prepare. I spoke recently with a parent of a 2 year old that said her child has already memorized all her songs and was more than ready for her part in the program. I hear each class as they practice and those sweet voices fill my heart with joy. We also have other things happening around the preschool, special crafts, parties and just all out fun activities that will hopefully bring a little Christmas Spirit our way. This is one of my favorite times of the year and I like to do as much as possible to enhance each student’s experience. They get to make special crafts for keepsakes, a gingerbread house to put out for Santa and spend time doing fun things that will hopefully create a lasting memory.

Speaking of lasting memories, I have been listening to Christmas music since early November. My favorites are the older songs, not the remakes that are so fancy. Give me Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Burl Ives and even Elvis singing the classics. As I listen to those songs I am reminded of my childhood. The excitement of Christmas traditions come flooding back to my mind. Going to my granny and papa’s house to help put up their tree and wrap presents, then it was a hassle, but now I would give anything to have that time back. Then finally Christmas morning would roll around. I always hoped to be the first one awake. I couldn’t wait to get everyone up so we could our open presents and start playing with them. For reason I remember always being ready for a nap. The toys could wait but sleep could not. Most of the time I didn’t get to do either; I had to get ready to Christmas lunch with the family. I couldn’t be tired to many cousins to go play with and way too much good food to miss out on. Then there was finally coming home to the mess we left and those new toys waiting for attention. I had all year to play and I would take the time to enjoy all I had been given. I hope this helped bring back fond memories for each of you that read this; I know it did for me. I pray each of you have a blessed holiday season and take time to create lasting memories with family and friends.

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