Beginning Another New Year

I can never seem to start the New Year newsletter without saying a few words about the past year. We have been truly blessed with steady enrollment. We may have lost a few here and there but there always has been one or more waiting in the wings. That has been the true blessing for us. We have such dedicated staff that people are hearing positive things about our preschool. I can’t thank my teachers enough for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year; it has made a difference in the lives of these children and their parents. We will continue to strive to offer wonderful, heartfelt care to these students and their families and will welcome all the new families with the same care and respect. I can’t end without mentioning how awesome our Christmas Program was this year. We may have experienced issues with the weather, but that didn’t stop us from putting on our performance. We may not have had our usual standing crowd, but we were determined to let the show go on. We want to thank all those who took time from their schedule to attend. We also want to thank Pastor Jeff for his message and teaching the memory verse during chapel and Pastor Jonathan for taking time to teach each of those songs. It takes dedication to put time aside for such a worthy case, and we are grateful to them for that. We know that the year to come holds the same dedication from the preschool and church staff. We are confident that the same will ring true for the coming year. We may have seen our share of ups and downs over the course of 2018, but we are excited to see what the coming year will bring.

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