"Who's Your One?"

“Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him.”

Acts 8:35 NKJV

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch is one of my favorite Bible Stories. The story tells of the great length that Philip takes to reach one person with the Gospel.

Philip has been preaching in Samaria and many men and women become believers. So many people were coming to faith that John and Peter go investigate the mass evangelism that was taking place. Whole villages of Samaria were being converted.

In the midst of this success, God decides to take Philip from Samaria in order to reach more people. The place God sends him is a remote desert highway leading out of Jerusalem to Gaza on the way to Egypt. On this highway, Philip encounters one person, the Ethiopian eunuch.

God’s plan was to reach this one person with the gospel. His plan included allowing just one man, Philip, the opportunity to lead this man to Christ. The man had been reading Isaiah 53 which describes the Messiah as a Suffering Servant who died for others.

The Message version of the verse above is: “Philip grabbed his chance. Using this passage as his text, he preached Jesus to him.” I love that; he “grabbed his chance.”

Jeff Matteson in an article in Outreach Magazine entitled “Giving Everyone a Chance to Hear the Gospel” says that “First and foremost, evangelism begins with believing that everyone gets a chance...to meet Jesus.”

For some, their only chance may be dependent on you or me. The question is, will we be willing to do one on one evangelism?

The Ethiopian eunuch was just one person. Yet God wanted this one person to hear the gospel. Philip was willing to go and engage him.

The SBC is challenging our members to be like Philip and be willing to reach the one. Rose of Sharon wants to do our part in giving people the chance to meet Jesus. We are participating in helping church members to identify, pray for, and engage one person with the gospel in a year.

This emphasis is called “Who’s Your One?” To participate all you need to do is identify one person you know who is far from God, begin praying for them, and then look for opportunities to engage them in a spiritual conversation that leads to telling them about Jesus and leading them to Christ.

If every SBC member did just that, we could reach millions for Christ. If our active members would do that, we could reach about 125 people for Christ. But it all starts with the one. Will you reach your one?

As we celebrate our 140 year anniversary on October 6, 2019, we will be one week in our “Who’s Your One?” campaign. If just 10 percent of our members take this serious, we will have a dozen new brothers and sisters by next homecoming.

I love you and it’s a privilege to be your pastor.


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