Element Kids Volunteer Sign-up

We are so glad and thankful that you are interested in volunteering within the Element Kids Children’s Ministry at Rose of Sharon Baptist Church!


We look forward to your involvement and commitment to this wonderful ministry. Below you will find three levels that describe the commitment that you can make within the Children’s Ministry. This will allow for the partcipaton of everyone whether you want to serve every week, once a month, or every once and while throughout the year. Before indicating where you would like to serve, please note two things. First, we are not asking for an obligation or an over commitment. We have several areas to serve, so please choose based upon your gifts and calling. Secondly, the Lord will bless you for your commitment despite the level. We truly believe that faithfulness is the key factor when it comes to service. Therefore, wherever you may choose to serve, do it to the best of your ability in humble faithfulness to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We pray God uses you in a mighty way to help our young ones develop into devoted disciples of Jesus Christ! Blessings to you!


—The ROSBC Children’s Council

Top 10 reasons to Volunteer

1. You will have many opportunities to impact a child’s life for eternity by teaching, leading and helping them understand the amazing love and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

2. Become more like Jesus and let the little children come to you by serving wholeheartedly in the Children’s Ministry.

3. Re-learn, experience and apply Bible stories that come to life in the children’s ministry

4. Stretch your brainpower as you figure out creative answers to some of the toughest and craziest questions asked by children. 

5. Be hero and role model in the life your own child or the life of another child.

6. Learn how to play creative games and entertain a roomful of energetic toddlers with only a cotton ball and a balloon. (To be honest, you will not even need those things. A simple smile and hug will do the trick.)

7. Tone your arms while singing and doing the hand motions to interactive and exciting songs.

8. You will have a legitimate reason to dress up in outrageous costumes made out of bed sheets and pillowcases.

9. Eat all the goldfish and drink all the apple juice you desire. 

10. Grow in the virtue of patience as 16 children ask you, “When is snack time” and “When will this lesson be over so we can play in the gym.”


Children's Council Member

Sunday School Teacher

Wednesday Night Teacher
(Tweens/Spouts/Mission Friends)

Nursery Leader


Sunday School Assistant

Wednesday Night Assistant


Tweens/Sprouts/Mission Friends

Children’s Church Leader

Preschool Church Leader Nursery

Assistant Game Time Leader

Activity Chaperone


Community Event Volunteer


Cook for Community Events


Cook for Church Activities


Activity Chaperone