Welcome to Rose of Sharon Baptist Church!

It is our prayer that God will lead you to a church where you can grow as a Christian and serve the Lord with your gifts and talents. We want to be that place for you. Take a look around the site for information about the different ministry opportunities we have, as well as more information about our church.  

Our pastor and staff are available to meet with you individually, or as a family, if you have further questions. Feel free to either call 919-477-3993 or email us.

This Sunday Evening - S. N. O. W. = Sunday Night Outdoor Worship at 7:00 pm

Sunday July 12   Outdoor Worship Service     7:00 PM



July Memory Verse

“Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.” 

Prov. 10:12 NKJV

Welcome       Pastoral Prayer     Memory Verse

Kid’s Talk                               Pastor Blake Flinchum

Praise & Worship                       RoS Praise Team

Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)

Verse 1

Praise is rising
Eyes are turning to You
We turn to You
Hope is stirring
Hearts are yearning for You
We long for You


'Cause when we see You
We find strength to face the day
In Your presence
All our fears are washed away
(Washed away)


Hosanna hosanna
You are the God who saves us
Worthy of all our praises
Hosanna hosanna
Come have Your way among us
We welcome You here Lord Jesus

Verse 2

Hear the sound of
Hearts returning to You
We turn to You
In Your Kingdom
Broken lives are made new
You make us new


Hosanna hosanna

CCLI Song # 4662491


Good Grace

Verse 1

People come together
Strange as neighbours our blood is one
Children of generations
Of every nation of Kingdom come


Don't let your heart be troubled
Hold your head up high don't fear no evil
Fix your eyes on this one truth
God is madly in love with you
Take courage hold on be strong
Remember where our help comes from

Verse 2

Jesus our redemption
Our salvation is in His blood
Jesus Light of heaven
Friend forever His Kingdom come


Swing wide all you heavens
Let the praise go up as the walls come down
All creation everything with breath repeat the sound
All His children clean hands pure hearts
Good grace good God His Name is Jesus

CCLI Song # 7122177


Great Are You Lord


You give life You are love
You bring light to the darkness
You give hope You restore ev'ry heart that is broken
And great are You Lord


It's Your breath in our lungs
So we pour out our praise
We pour out our praise
It's Your breath in our lungs
So we pour out our praise to You only


And all the earth will shout Your praise
Our hearts will cry these bones will sing
Great are You Lord

CCLI Song # 6460220



“King Josiah – No King Like Him”

Pastor Jeremiah Custar


Scripture Passage: 2 Kings Chapters 22 - 23

1. The Bible Reveals Our Sin. 2 Kings 22:11-13

2. The Bible Reveals Our Idols. 2 Kings 23:4-20


3. The Bible Reveals Our Savior. 2 Kings 23:21-25



The Blessing


The Lord bless you
And keep you
Make his face shine upon you
And be gracious to you
The Lord turn his
Face toward you
And give you peace




May his favor
Be upon you
And a thousand generations
And your family
And your children
And their children
And their children


May his presence
Go before you
And behind you
And beside you
All around you
And within you
He is with you
He is with you


In the morning
In the evening
In your coming
And your going
In your weeping
And rejoicing
He is for you
He is for you


He is for you
He is for you

CCLI Song # 7147007

CCLI License # 911208

Announcements & Closing Prayer       Youth Pastor Jeremiah Custar

Here is the link to our Worship Services and additional recorded small group discussions from previous Sundays & Wednesdays:


What To Expect when we return to services at ROSBC

What Should I Wear?

There’s no dress code at ROSBC; come wearing what you’re comfortable in. Some folks like to dress up a little on Sundays, and some like to come in jeans. Either way is great as long as you come with an open heart!

Do you have Nursery or Childcare?

A nursery and childcare are available during Sunday morning service at 9:45 AM.

Preschool Children's Church & Children’s Church meet Sunday mornings in the Worship Service, after listening to Kid's Talk the children go the Nursery or Element Kid's Room #203.

Wednesday Night Kids Activities and Events can be found HERE

Do you have Sunday School Class?

We offer Adult Life Groups and Children's Sunday School at 11:00 AM.

Classes can be found HERE

Schedule of Services


Facebook Live

Night Worship:  7:00 pm 

Live Discussion:   8:00 pm

Rose of Sharon continues to provide Facebook Live Bible Study each Wednesday at 6:30 pm. While we observe the State and City guidelines for meetings, wearing masks and Social Distancing, we are not able to return to our Wednesday meetings inside our buildings.

Continue to watch for updates this Summer of 2020 and as soon as we are able to share what's in our future plans for this fall, we will let you know.

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