2020 Life Groups

Life Groups are a very rewarding experience for all ages. It is here that you can come to grow in a deeper relationship with God through Bible study and prayer.  Life Groups give you an opportunity to fellowship and share with others in a small group setting.


Rose of Sharon offers something for everyone.  Here is a list of Life Group classes and teachers:

Nursery - Infant & 2 - 3 yrs Classes
Our nursery offers children a environment where they are, held, rocked, loved, safe and allowed to play together. (Gina Wilkerson and Wandra Griffin/Contact Gina Wilkerson: gmom3@hotmail.com/Nursery)

Our 2 - 3 year old children have their own classroom.

 Tori Watson leads these young students with the help of Ariel Carter. 

Preschool - 4’s and 5’s-Room 301
These preschool students learn about Jesus and his love for them through Bible-based curriculum, activities, games, and videos. At this age, we begin to use the Gospel Project Curriculum with the children because the message of Gospel is clearly presented to this age group through each Sunday school lesson. Teachers are Becky High-Shipp and Jennifer McDade. For questions contact Becky High-Shipp: bhighshipp@nc.rr.com

1st-3rd Grade - Room 302

These younger elementary students continue to learn about Jesus and his love for them through Bible-based curriculum, activities, games and videos. We also use the Gospel Project Curriculum because of it's unique approach to teaching these younger children about Jesus and his message of Salvation. Teachers: Becky Bass and Carolyn Taylor.

Young Professionals - Room 202

This Class is primarily designed for age 20-30 adults but is open to adults of all ages. Using a "moderated discussion" format, the class engages in sermon-based conversations and seeks to grow together as disciples in Christ.

For Questions contact Jonathan Hendrickson: 


4th-6th Grade - Room 203

These older elementary students take the time to study Scripture together as well as begin to formulate opinions within a small group setting. We continue to use the Gospel Project Curriculum with this age group because it allows for positive discussions related to Scripture and the message of the gospel. Teacher: Ilene McCarthy. For questions contact Ilene McCarthy: elleadoreparis@gmail.com 

7th-12th Grade - Youth Building
This is an in-depth Bible study led by the youth pastor and his wife, using the Lifeway "Bible Studies for Life" literature. The youth group motto is "Take Root, Bear Fruit".

The Flock- Room 201 (Conference Room)
Adult group open to any age and offers topical and    relational studies that focus on God's Word and how to apply His message to everyday issues, struggles, relationships, etc.

Followers - Parlor

We engage in Biblically based topical studies about relevant and current real-life situations.  We welcome adults of all ages to worship with us in open discussions and idea sharing.

The Crusaders - Room 106

Adults study weekly topical lessons developed around a monthly unit theme with each lesson standing on its own. This group utilizes the Lifeway Adult curriculum with a lecture style presentation using outlines, maps and other visuals. Questions and discussion are welcomed. Enrollment is open to all adults. For questions contact Frank Shipp: fshipp2@nc.rr.com

CITA (Christ Is The Answer) - Room 103/105

Ages 55 & Up

This large of class of seniors, married and widowed, has no age limit. This caring group has an active outreach ministry and many of the members are involved in a number of church activities. Day trips to places of interest in the greater Triangle Area are often organized. This group uses Lifeway's "Bible Studies for Life" as their curriculum, which offers engaging discussions to challenge the participants to continue their Christian growth.